How to defend Ni-138-Part-1

Ni 138 is an Offence which has a criminal nature but with due diligence and due care one can easily sail through it. The NI 138 act is today being widely misused. The true intent of NI-138 is to protect the negotiable instruments to be misused in a type of fraud. Essentials of NI 138 […]

Is Media doing ‘Contempt of Court?’

Is Media doing ‘Contempt of Court?’ Presumption of innocence is the core of criminal jurisprudence. The presumption of innocence available to accused under the fundamental principle of criminal jurisprudence that every person is presumed to be innocent unless he is proved to be guilty by a competent court of law[1]. An accused person is given […]

What is National Green Tribunal(NGT)

The National Green Tribunal or the NGT is a specialized tribunal which was formed by NGT act 2010. The tribunal comprises of chairperson, 10-20 Judicial members and 10-20 expert members. The jurisdiction of the tribunal is restricted to only civil disputes where the subject matter is environment related issues. The tribunal also serves as an […]

Ownership Rights related to Patents

Patents when granted form a property for the Patent holder, bestowed with several rights and monopoly over the invention. A patent forms an Intellectual capital for a firm and an asset for an individual. Like any other movable property, A patent can be conveyed to other person for a consideration and as per the terms […]

Company Law-A new eraa

Some of the Changes in the New Companies Act,2013 23. Public offer and private placements (1) A public company may issue securities— (a) to public through prospectus (herein referred to as “public offer”) by complying with the provisions of this Part; or (b) through private placement by complying with the provisions of Part II of […]

Doctrine of Severability

The doctrine of severability is a guardian of our fundamental rights, suppose if any of the provisions in an act/statue is contrary to our fundamental rights then that provision only would consider being void and it is not the whole act that becomes void. The nature of the provision is material, suppose if any of […]

Law Related to acquiescence

In law, acquiescence occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of their rights, while someone else unknowingly and without malice aforethought makes a claim on their rights. Consequently, the person whose rights are infringed loses the ability to make a claim against the infringer, or succeed in an injunction suit due to […]


Usually at late night, when I am done with all my work I look for horror movies online. Yesterday, while doing the same, I came across Karla Homolka. Karla is one of Canada’s most infamous female convicts. She served in the prison for 12 years. She was involved in the crimes of drugging, raping, torturing […]

who can prosecute you to pay a challan for Motor vehicles?

while I was travelling in Delhi in my car, I witnessed policemen which were not from the traffic police was prosecuting a driver for jumping a red light, Now I wondered how a normal policemen can prosecute a driver for traffic violation, Is he has power to prosecute if not who has a power to prosecute […]

The One Sided Philosophy of Female Criminality-I

Women love flowers, women love chocolates, women love all that is pink. Women are kind, caring and gentle. Women are nice and affectionate. This is the hypothesis of my research. The research question is; what brings women to criminality? Here are some very interesting philosophies about the female criminality which appealed the woman in me. […]