The interview of Ashok Singhal by a news channel dragged all my attentions to a very important liability. With all the charm this liability is called “Act of God.” Ashok Singhal in his interview declared the Godhra riot to be an “Act of God.” Well, now the query which pops up is whether God will […]

Concept of Muslim Marriage and divorce

                                                     A Muslim is called a kithabi. A Muslim has to definitely marry a kithabi that is a Muslim only a Muslim male or female cannot marry any other religious person if so […]

Is language this important?

“THE LAST LESSON” (a chapter from my 11th standard textbook) demonstrated language as a means of freedom. I have now eventually realized how important language is. In a country like India, language indeed plays a very important role, since, it states the basis of all the states created here. It anyhow denotes the boundaries of […]

Juvenile Justice in India

v Juvenile is a person who is person who is minor that is who has not attained the age of majority which is 18 yrs as per Indian Minority act 1999.Juvenile laws are applicable to people who cannot be held responsible for the offences they made. In most of the countries the age of juvenile […]

Will there be and end to women harassment??

In India, Women are treated as Goddess. Indian culture and custom enlightens the importance of women and every religion of India teaches us to respect them. Women are proving themselves in each and every field but still in case of their protection, we are lagging behind. Many laws has been enacted to protect their rights […]

What is an Evidence in court of Law

The law of evidence is a procedural law,i.e it neither abridges or gives any right, it is lexfori. The Evidence act permits that evidence can only be tendered for the-:  1. Facts in Issue 2. Relevant Facts There can be two types of Evidence which can be tendered. 1. Oral Evidence 2. Documentary Evidence(Includes Electronic […]

How to register a marriage?

Registration of Marriages which have already been solemnised. Q. Where do I have to go and during which hours? To the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction any of the husband or wife resides, during 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on any working day to obtain the contact address of the SDM in whose jurisdiction […]

Procedure for Transfer of ownership of Vehicle Delhi

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle is to be applied in the concerned zonal office where vehicle is already registered and following are the documents to be submitted:- Registration certificate in original Form no.29 duly filled in duplicate (attested one copy) Form no.30 duly filled in duplicate Attested copy of valid insurance certificate Attested copy of […]

Degree of Expression (Cinematography)

Cinematography: Cinema when you hear this word everyone is excited about latest flicks, stars, action, songs and what not. The world is surrounded by huge some of entertainment channels one of it is cinema or call it movies. The art of making films, shooting, picturising is called as cinematography including both making and development of […]

Tax Slabs and Calculation of Income Tax

The tax rates of the financial year 2014-15:- All the Rows are called as slabs that is slab one, two, three etc. i. Income-tax: Tax slab for individuals   Income Slabs Income Tax Rate i. Where the total income does not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/-. NIL ii. Where the total income exceeds Rs. 2,00,000/- but does […]