How to be a successful Lawyer-Part-2

Overhauling the schedule is the first step for a successful legal practice. But then again if one has too much workload then he must outsource that work, the main purpose of overhauling schedule is to do 80% of the productive stuff which means revenue generating work or the intellectual work. People say time is money but the reality is time should be well spent to generate good amount of money.


Personal intellectual growth is the other area where all lawyers should work on. Doing same repetitive stuff will not work. To be successful one must diversify. One should always breach the comfort zone reaching new frontiers remember if one wants to conquer the peak then one has to scale new heights with every step.

Stopping the blame game like, bad seniors, he is from legacy family of lawyers that’s why he is successful; Client unfaithful etc. will not work when you are scaling the height of success. One has look into himself and ask is I am worthy? Daily self-improvement even if it is minute is the thing which all successful advocates possess. Major of them is that they don’t blame circumstances and they don’t crib rather they accept and welcome failure, mistakes and they learn from them.

Part-3 to be continued…

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