What is Criminal intimidation under Section 506 IPC? What if Husband threatens the wife will he get punished?

In husband wife disputes a lot of heated arguments takes place and sometimes Husband threats to wife that he will kill her or will harm her and wife lodges a case of Section 506 IPC. What you can do? The Answer to this question lies in the ingredients of Section 506 IPC. The ingredients of […]

Police has removed the names of my family members in false 498a but court can put their names back read How?

The power of court under 319 Crpc If you are facing false 498a and your family members are also implicated in the case. Sometimes police assures you that the name of some of the family members will be removed and they will place the family members in the column 12 of the charge sheet in […]

Can I get divorce if I am acquitted in 498a?

These days filing 498a and divorce are becoming an ordeal in a Matrimonial cases in the country. Once a wife files 498a which is without any evidence of course and as a result of which husband files divorce petition under section 13(1)(i-a) i.e divorce on the grounds of cruelty. If any party does not have […]

Discharge In 498a with case law example.

What court considers before discharging an accused in crminal cases.. Under the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, the Discharge Application is the remedy that is granted to the person who has been maliciously charged. If the allegations which have been made against him are false, this Code provides the provisions for filing a discharge application. If […]

What Questions you should ask wife in false 498a part-II

Now another aspect in false 498a case is the case of 406IPC which is related to the streedhan of the wife. The main ingredients of 406 IPC Entrustment of dowry Articles Non return of dowry articles Misappropriation I have already made a detailed video with regards to 406 In this wife has to first prove […]

Protest petition and 498a

What is protest petition? There is no mention of protest petition in CrPC and no defination of protest petition is there. Now a protest petition is a say of the informant or complainant in a police investigation. Now if there is some fault in the police investigation the complainant/ informant can file protest petition. Now […]

Types of witnesses in 498a and How to deal with them?

here are certain types of witnesses in 498a and there is a strategy to deal with each one of them we are going to discuss this in detail with this article PW-1 is complainant or wife, this witness has made a complaint against you, now the initial burden is on the wife/complainant to prove her […]

How to win RCR Section 9 Case?

Section 9 or RCR(Restitution of Conjugal Rights is a section used to save marraiges. The Hindu Marraige act is enacted to preserve sanctity of marraige rather than to have divorce and split. In section 9 RCR the court is using one step to preserve the relationship. If husband or a wife is living seperately then […]

What type of Question You need to ask if you want to get out of 498a to wife and relatives?

In this article I will share you few things which you have to follow to win 498a. Asking right questions is the key to defence strategy and to make sure that the false case is established before court of law. Although each case is different on different facts and circumstances so these questions will be […]

How husband can stay away from wife if there is too much tension between them?

The law related to Section 10 of HMA -Judicial Separation The law related to the judicial separation is based upon the middle path taken by the law and instead of living together in a same household or taking extreme steps of granting divorce, court allows they can live separately in their respective households. This enables […]