Cross examination questions you need to ask in false 498a

The art and science of cross examination in 498a is the key for winning the case. The right kind of questions will influence the judge in making a judgement regarding the credibility of the witness and to shake his/her credibility questions are to be crafted using the strategic values of these things.. Questions which shake […]

No eviction of Daughter in law from the House of mother and father in law

This is a new judgement of Hon’ble Supreme court n which the eviction of Daughter in law from the shared household is not possible. Now there is a scenario when mother in law/father in law could file the proceedings under the senior citizens act in connivance with the son to evict the daughter in law […]

Maintenance Case what is favor of Husband?

The new Maintenance Judgement is against men or in favour of wife that has to be seen from a presepective. The Maintenance laws are obviously considers right of wife to get maintainance we cannot say that law is in favour of women, when the law is already there. But the new Judgement only clarify the […]

How maintenance cases will now be decided-New SC Judgement

With so many ambiguities in deciding maintenance cases the Hon’ble supreme court has decided to frame guidelines throughout the country to decide maintenance cases. Basically to give uniformity to the procedure to be followed throughout the country here are the key points and various judgements The Judgement is Rajnesh Vs. Neha (a) Issue of overlapping […]

Criminal Case of Defamation after Acquittal in 498a

The question is can you put a case of defamation on wife after you get acquittal in 498a. The issue has complicated answer and has mixed set of judgments some are in favor of husband and some are against. Before proceeding let us analyse what is section 499 of IPC is Section 499. Defamation – […]

Whether wife can withdraw from the mutual consent divorce after taking money?

Generally, when mutual consent divorce is filed from Husband as well as from the wife side at the time of first motion some money is handed over to the wife side to the husband side and at the second motion next installment is to be paid. No wife or husband can come under influence of […]

What to do when investigating Officer harasses you in 498a case?

The 498a case is filed by wife side is clearly for the harassment . In one of my case my clients were living outside the state where the 498a case was lodged and considering today’s lockdown conditions the police is insisting that the accused with family should travel and join investigation. Nothing is wrong in […]

On what ground you should file divorce Adultery or Cruelty when wife/husband has extramarital affair?

There is a big confusion among people regarding ground on which the divorce can be filed in court when wife or husband has extra martial affair. There are two grounds on which the situation can be address one is Adultery and other is cruelty. Now depending on the evidence the above question can be answered. […]

How Much Jail time I have to spend if I do not pay maintenance to wife under section 125 Crpc

Default of 125 Cr PC order is viewed seriously by the courts and the amount of coercive action in case of default varies from case to case. Under section 125(4) the court can take coercive action for enforcing execution of the maintenance order. The maintenance order can be enforced in two ways by warrant of […]

Maintenance denied to wife because she was not able to prove Cruelty

There are instances where the wife leaves the house and do police complaint on account of dowry demand and harassment and she also files 125 CrPC for claim of maintenance. In a Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court it was decided that when wife is alleging cruelty as a ground for living separately and claiming maintenance, […]