How to solve Matrimonial issues between husband and wife?

Matrimonial disputes often gets complicated and the disputes between husband and wife often gets complicated with time.

The best possible way to solve the matrimonial issues is through the way of mediation and settlement.

But How to mediate and settle the matrimonial cases?

The best way to mediate and settle and matrimonial cases is to first understand…

The husband side should understand that the wife is entitled to maintenance and alimony if she is not working and has a child.

You must understand whatever your income and assets are you have to calculate a good compensation plan for the wife which should be ideally 1/3 of your 10 year income, which will be acceptable to the wife. You see if you do not agree to this the court can award this amount to wife for a lifetime before it happens it is better to settle for a reasonable amount rather than paying a hefty amount later on.

The wife must understand that she should demand the amount as per the above formula or else she would risk long litigation and harrasment.

This is the win win formula for the couples to amicably solve the disputes.

How to mediate?

The mediation process is inexpensive and is availaible in all courts. You must use it frequently to resolve disputes.

The mediation platform is not to spill dirt to each other or allege each other. it is a way to settle dipute. In husband and wife disputes the amount of compensation is to be negotiated and not to be used as fault or fact finding ground.

People don’t know this way that’s why disputes are not settled.