What if I disown my Son and daughter in law will it save me from false 498a case?

Ig Son and daughter in law are staying together in same house and you got to know that your daughter in law might file a false 498a.

You got terrified because now you are mother and father who are in their early old age and want to save yourself from the harrasment.

But, you also have son you also wish that you can save him also. You consult various lawyers and many advise you to dis own your son and daughter in law and publish in newspaper.

But how it will help you?

The Answer to this question lies in pure logic…

Suppose your son and daughter in law are staying in the same accomodation and all of a sudden you have decided to disoen them due to harrasment and they started residing in some other place.

You have published this in the newspaper which acts like a public notice.

But what if wife files case and all of you are implicated in afalse 498a dowry case?

The period in which you all stayed together will be part of her complaint and you cannot cite that you have disowned your son and daughter in law for a simple reason that the publication is after the date of false incidents. which will not help you a tall and rather it can act against you and it will show that you have cover-up the entire situation.

Further this disowning can create future problem of son in inheriting your property..

Disowning can do more harm than good.

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