What if I disown my Son and daughter in law will it save me from false 498a case?

Ig Son and daughter in law are staying together in same house and you got to know that your daughter in law might file a false 498a. You got terrified because now you are mother and father who are in their early old age and want to save yourself from the harrasment. But, you also […]

How RCR can help you in dismissing 125 CrPC Maintenance Case?

crpc 125 maintenance denied judgements The important aspect of 125 CrPC is to prove that the wife has left the matrimonial home without any reason. How to prove this… The best way to prove this is to havea Judicial finding on the above mentioned aspect. As soon as wife leave the matrimonial home you have […]

Free and Fair Investigation Soul of Criminal Trial

अगर IO मेरे मामले की जांच ठीक से नहीं कर रहा है तो मैं क्या कर सकता हूं? What is Free and Fair investigation? The concept of free and fair investigation is very wide. It depends on various aspects. It has different meaning for complainant and a different meaning for accused. Ground for Free Investigation […]

What can I do against wife after I get acquittal in false 498a case?झूठे 498a मामले में बरी होने के बाद मैं पत्नी के खिलाफ क्या कर सकता हूं?

Whenever a false case is filed against the husband and his family members. All the family members and the husband suffer for many Years in litigating in courts which only brings harrasment to the husband and the family members. What is the solution after getting Acquittal or discharge in false 498a case? If the case […]

Can wife file 498a after 7 Years of Marriage?

Some of you may be having a misconception that wife cannot file false 498a after 7 years of marriage, but the answer of this question lies in the laws itself, today this misconception will be removed. Lets read first section 304 B the ingredients of 304 B are attracted before 7 years of marraige, if […]

No easy stay on Maintenance orders

Higher Courts should not stay an order of maintenance unless there are very special reasons, the Supreme Court has observed. In this case, a wife and minor child filed a petition under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code before Family Court. An ex parte order was passed by the Family Court granting maintenance @ […]

Wife not entitled to convert NRI Husband Salary and add into her maintenance

Delhi High Court: A Bench of Jyoti Singh and G.S. Sistani, JJ. dismissed an appeal filed against the order of the family court rejecting the appellant-wife’s application for grant of maintenance pendente lite under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1951. The parties married to each-other in June 2012 and had been living separately since September of […]

How wife can increase her Maintenance?

As per the law husband is bound to maintain his wife even after the divorce and husband have no maintenance to his wife by deceiving court by not showing true facts and exact source of income. But rights of female are decided by law and no one can exploit rights of the female so after […]

Complaint Against Builders…How to get refund of invested amount

These days people are stuck in under construction properties offered by the builder. You had invested in the project offered by the builder assuming the value will get appreciated or you would be getting timely possession of the property. But neither things happened. The only option now is go to court but which court? There […]

Will showing Expenses will reduce the Maintenance payable to wife?

The Answer to the above question is depends on the expenses which you are showing. The expenses which are statutory deductible which are medical insurance, PF or TDS are not to be counted when assessing the income of the husband. The other expenses suppose the husband takes a big housing loan and giving away big […]