Will showing Expenses will reduce the Maintenance payable to wife?

The Answer to the above question is depends on the expenses which you are showing.

The expenses which are statutory deductible which are medical insurance, PF or TDS are not to be counted when assessing the income of the husband.

The other expenses suppose the husband takes a big housing loan and giving away big EMI that is not an expense that is the EMI created to gain certain asset.

Investment to medical or term policies also does not come under the head of expenses they are investment for the benefit of the husband only and wife is also entitled for same benefits showing this as an expense is harmful.

Rental of house is also not an expense. Some people exaggerate the rent. It will also backfire.

VPF or Volunatry PF is not an expense as it is not statutory deductible.

Remember whatever your needs on grocery or food items are same you have to fulfill for wife and children

Showing these expenses will eventually help the wife in ascertaining the standard of living you are used to.

Advocate Nitish Banka


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