Registration of will is not compulsory under section 17 of the registration act, but it is always advisable to register the instrument of will as it makes nearly impossible to challenge the will in the near future. Now this a step by step guide to register will in Delhi.

In order initiate the process of registering a will in Delhi, one must have a well drafted will by a counsel or read this article.

Now once your will is ready you are ready to go to your nearest sub registrar now to find your nearest e-sub registrar click here.

Once you have figured out the address, you need to ensure that you have 2 copies of will, 2 photographs and id card of the witnesses. Affix the photographs on top right corner of both the copies.

Now take online appointment by visiting the link and pay the e-registration fees and collect the receipt click here. Total registration fees is Rs. 660/-

All is done now, now take the documents to your nearest e-sub registrar along with witnesses, the rest will be done by the official, you will get a receipt and collect your registered will on basis of the receipt the vary next day.


Advocate Nitish Banka