* IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI + CM(M) 169/2009   Judgment Delivered on: 31.03.2011 RANI SETHI ….. Petitioner             Through : Mr. G.K. Sharma, Adv. versus SUNIL SETHI ….. Respondent      Through : Mr. B.P. Singh, Adv. CORAM: HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE G.S.SISTANI Whether the Reporters of local papers may be allowed to seethe […]

In today’s competitive environment, also the startup environment, everybody wants to steal the client of other organizations because everybody needs business and those clients, So if your business is getting lots of clients then beware there can be some employees in your organization which are indulging stealing your client so that they can start-up. Well […]

HOW TO REGISTER WILL IN DELHI Registration of will is not compulsory under section 17 of the registration act, but it is always advisable to register the instrument of will as it makes nearly impossible to challenge the will in the near future. Now this a step by step guide to register will in Delhi. […]

 No Justice No Peace The Maxim “Justice should not only be done, but seem to have been done” finds its place in the Constitution of India as enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution wherein its broad perspective seeks to protect the persons of their lives and personal liberties except according to the procedure established […]

Licensing-A way to grow your Business Consider licensing as a way to grow your business, licensing means to permit or simply means to use. If you are a small business with innovative products you may use licensing as a mode to grow your business. Licensing involves two partners one is an innovative partner and other […]

A contract is an essential part of any business dealings , thus giving a formal shape to any deal or transaction in the business world. Without contract nothing stands enforceable as per the law which means the diminishing trust factors among the business partners and other stakeholder and thereby making the business environment unstable. A badly […]

Should he send back to custody again? More often than not this question comes to the mind of every person that once a person a granted bail, he cannot be send back to the prison and he can use his freedom the way he wishes. But now a day’s more number of cases for cancellation […]