Corporate law or litigation..Read this to avoid confusion.



Well many of the law graduates I have seen are confused whether to pursue corporate law or go for litigation, well why they are confused is that their heart say go for litigation and the brain say go for corporate. Well there is one myth which is prevailing that more money is in corporate, handsome paycheck etc. Litigation is difficult and you need uncle and contacts. So going for the corporate is a better idea for most of the graduates and I say this is the biggest mistake graduates do when they are confused. when their heart say something else and brain is shrouded by opinion of others.







Here are some points which one should consider before taking any decision.

1. You like to be independent and don’t want to be a part of ladder.

If you are thinking this way then corporate is not your cup of tea, in litigation you have 100% independence, here you have power to mold your time, well most part of your life will be in your office why not enjoy this time, so its litigation which can only award this privilege.

2. You like challenging work.

Litigation is a biggest challenge right from building reputation and clientele till the point you argue in court, everything is challenge and learning, you learn  from your mistakes to improve.

3. You like to meet new people everyday

If you like to meet and network with new people, well this is the  place for you, here meeting new people also pays your bills.

4.You want to have your own reputation

In corporate you will be known by law firm, you will be tagged as associate in bla bla firm, here you will be called as Advocate “your name”, in each case you will have your name and if its a landmark case then you will be a change to the society, sounds exciting.

Getting the fruits demands investment so is true with litigation, initially you will be investing later the fruits will be sweet, life is uncertain for a litigating lawyer but you will enjoy the uncertainty in which lies your growth. Choose wisely!!

Now question comes how I start litigation practice, well there is lot of negativity for starters, but first be sure what you want to do.

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