Preventing loan default is a big problem especially for individuals, Since, being the part of the legal profession, I take it as my responsibility to ensure that Justice should not only be done, but seem to have been done. In today’s world where most of the financial transactions are done in the name of “friendly […]

Getting Divorce on Cruelty The degree of proof needed to prove cruelty and getting divorce on grounds of it is far less than in the cases of 498a, because in divorce cases preponderance of evidence is more important than proving cruelty than proving it beyond reasonable doubt. In recent judgement Parveen Mehta vs Inderjit Mehta […]

Understanding 498a cruelty 498a envisaged in indian penal code, it is called as legal terrorism, most of the married men in India are facing false cases and spending lot of time in litigation and lot of harassment, the main soul of this section is cruelty, the word cruelty is interpreted by various judgments by courts […]

There are two kinds of divorce in India one is contested divorce and the other one is the mutual consent divorce. In the contested divorce the divorce proceedings are ugly and time consuming, apart from other proceedings your wife can lodge 498a, which is a terror on Indian men, its a criminal offence and is […]

125 Crpc is  special proceedings envisaged under the criminal procedure code for awarding maintenance to wife, old parents and children, ours is a social welfare society, taking care of women, children and old parents is the values which we are getting from vedic times. However the legal mode to execute this is under 125 Crpc. Under […]

Here are the quick tips startups can implement to avoid startup litigation. recently there have been very good startups ending up in courts fighting cases and tarnishing reputation like recent case is of TVF pitchers, fighting for equity stake in the company. Here are the 5 quick tips. 1. Have an agreement A startup running […]

You need godfather, contacts, backing Yes things do get easier when you have the contacts, godfather and backing, but it does not mean without this its impossible to enter litigation. Days were long gone when only godfather, contacts, backing were an important factor in litigation. Today there are many other ways to start your own practice […]