Why your E-Commerce Terms & Conditions are useless.

Are you an E commerce start up? Having terms and conditions on your webpage is mandatory part on webpage, But do you know what’s its legal sanctity and why it is useless on your site?

Like any other transaction the E-commerce transactions are akin to the sale of good transaction in the real world. Now in order to bind your customers into the general contract you need to mention t & c to him.

But due to lack of awareness many E-Commerce websites are putting the hyperlink of t&c at the bottom of the page prima facie hidden from the customer. What courts are interpreting is that the transaction may not bind the customer(since t&c are at bottom of your webpage) with the general contract, which is a loosing ground for e commerce websites given huge consumer base and risking huge liabilities.

The solution to this issue is simple alert the consumer about your t&c. By putting pop usc, t&c link on final landing page and the most efficient and effective way is taking assent from the consumer by putting I agree/Decline buttons at the final landing page.

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