These days we see lot of digital marketing companies and freelancers which are doing excellent job in running marketing campaigns. But what a customer of these digital marketing companies don’t know that they may be under a risk of serious legal liabilities because of digital marketing campaigns. Like any other advertisements, digital marketing is also […]

Wishing to enter into an agreement with computer hardware/software vendor If you are a startup these are the essentials you should keep in mind before entering Turnkey agreements. 1. The purpose of this agreement is for purpose of fully operational computer system. 2. Parties to this agreement customer & supplier. 3. 48 clauses[43 general clauses […]

Rash and negligent driving Section 279 of IPC covers rash and negligent driving for prosecution of cases where driver of the motor vehicle likely to injure or endangers human life. Main constituent of this section are Rashness Negligence Rashness is an act of haste, this means doing an act without foreseeing the consequences of the […]