Month: January 2014

How to be a successful Lawyer-Part-2

Overhauling the schedule is the first step for a successful legal practice. But then again if one has too much workload then he must outsource that work, the [...]

How to be a successful Lawyer-Part-1

People enter legal profession with a dream that they would be like Harish Salve and Ram Jethmalani and they will have a big following and stardom, fame. But [...]

How to Defend NI-138 Part-3

As you plead the leave to defend under s.251 CrPC as I explained in previous part.The next step is to file an application under 145(2), which is recalling the [...]

How to defend NI-138 Part-2

The procedure to be followed by the courts in NI-138 is the summary procedure as established in s.260-s.265 CrPC. As the expeditious trial of such cases is [...]

How to defend Ni-138-Part-1

Ni 138 is an Offence which has a criminal nature but with due diligence and due care one can easily sail through it. The NI 138 act is today being widely [...]
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