Transfer Petition in Supreme Court-How to defend?


When wife files the transfer petition in Supreme Court usually husband is defenceless, although husband receives the summons from the Supreme Court if the transfer is from one state to another, here are some of the judgements which can help


In Gayatri Mohapatra v. Ashit Kumar Panda : (2003)11SCC731 , the Supreme Court having found that the wife being a Director in a Company run by her mother travelled from place to place and could not be permitted to state that she was incapable of travel as a ground to seek transfer of the husband’s case In Teena Chhabra v. Manish Chhabra (2004) 13 SCC 411, the Supreme Court accepted the husband’s offer to bear the expenses for the travel, boarding and lodging of the wife and dismissed her transfer petition on the ground that she had no source of income to travel.

Transfer Petition

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