Transfer Petition Supreme court – Format

Transfer Petition supreme court

If you are thinking of filing a transfer petition supreme court of your case from one state to an another state and you are petitioner in the case here are some of the points you must consider.

Transfer petition supreme court

Some of the points must consider Before filling Transfer Petition Supreme court


1.A short synopsis

A short and simple synopsis outlining the grounds you wish seek before the Hon’ble supreme court is a must, your synopsis must be crisp and to the point and relates to only facts which forms the ground for seeking the transfer.

2. Details of the case

Specify the complete details of the case you wish to get it transfer from one court to another also specify the court in which you wish to seek the transfer of the case.

3. Grounds

Specify the grounds on which you may be seeking the transfer of case the grounds are mentioned below.

a) prejudice in that jurisdiction

that husband family is very influential and will hamper fair proceedings.

b)Threat to life

Again being influential is a good ground for having a threat to life.

c) being a single women without any support.

if there is no support from father side then that is also a good ground for seeking transfer.

d) medical history

medical proof should be attached in case of medical ailment.

e) old and ailing parents.

f) No source of income

if wife is not working its a good ground.

g) Simultaneous jurisdiction.

4. Interim Relief

You must also pray for interim relief of stay of proceedings of the case you wish to seek transfer.

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By-: Advocate Nitish Banka

Advocate Supreme Court of India