How to Quash False 498a for Parents and Relatives and Get Stay on Trial?

False allegations under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) can have severe consequences not only for the accused but also for their families, particularly the parents. This provision was created with the intention of protecting women from cruelty and harassment in their matrimonial homes, but it has been frequently misused. When false charges […]

Mobile recording as evidence in Matrimonial cases what is the latest law…..

There is confusion in the mind of people at large whether there recording done between the husband and wife can be used as evidence in a court of law. The problem is different High Court has held differently but the law laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court is the final word. There was the […]

How to prepare your arguments based on an Income Affidavit in maintenance cases?

These days after the judgement of Rajnish Vs. Neha, the court asks for an Asset-liabilities affidavit after your reply has been filed. Now in Delhi, this affidavit was there and changed due to a recent Supreme Court judgment. Income Affidavit is a crucial tool to know about the social status of the parties as an […]

How Courts Calculate and award maintenance to wife and children under different situations…With LIVE CASE STUDY…

The award of maintenance depends on various circumstances and under different scenarios. You need to understand how maintenance cases are decided in order to understand what your financial obligations which courts will decide. The old tactics like showing yourself unemployed or just hiding your income are over and in order to address the situation the […]

How you can still reduce maintenance even if you do not have proof wife is really working?

Many of my clients are unable to find an exact place or the business wife side is doing. This problem aggravates when the business is online and on social media as we cannot know if really wife side is doing an online consultation or earning through social media. Even after hiring a detective agency, we […]