Do not do this during Bail hearing in 498a?

The Bail is the discretionary relief and there is no prediction whether a bail is to be given or not.

With so much of un predictability there comes something from the Judge side.

Now in 498a bail case sometimes judge may ask you to settle the case and may ask for an offer from your end.

Now the issue is some clients may get offended as they do not wish to settle the matter so easily or does not wish to give anything to the wife side.

They don’t understand that the Judge is giving you a favor if he is offering this to you or even asking.

You have to understand as to why he is asking you the same.

He could have simply dismissed the bail application

Then you will run around for higher courts or face arrest.

At the stage of bail if judge is offering you this then you should not refuse and give some reasonable offer to settle the dispute.

There may be chances that the judge may ask you to deposit some amount or give wife maintenance, again it is a favor to you.

If you completely refuse then the judge may dismiss your application…