What to do if you don’t get 41A notice in false 498a case?

One of my client staying abroad had got a call from police one day asking him to join the investigation in India. The police asked my client to come to India.

He recieved only call and called me that the police has asked me to come to India to join the investigation. But in my country rthere is a situation of lockdown therefore I cannot join the Investigation what to do?

I asked hin whether he is willing to come to India after the situation improves in his country? He said YES!!

I asked him whether the police has sent him proper notice of 41 A…He told me a clear NO!!…

He told me that the police has simply called him and asked him to join the investigation in India…he was scared

He was scared what if the police will issue the LOC against him or an arrest warrant.

I asked him to apply for the anticipatory bail…

I got the copy of FIR from court and police station and applied for anticipatory bail…

In court I argued that my client did not get a proper 41 A notice and there is the violation of High Court guidelines.

In the case of Amandeep Singh Johar vs State Of Nct Of Delhi  there are specific direction as to the

Prescribed format of 41A notice in which the IO has to mention


Place and time


Acknowledgement slip..

The Io further has to maintain the record of the notice.

I asked the IO to place the copy of the notice with dispatch number

He failed to show and as a result I got the anticipatory bail in the case..