The Haryana Real estate regulatory Authority having its office at Gurgaon near the district court

HRERA Gurugram Bench final decision, complete the builder in three phases  Greenopolis Project

Types of Complaint which can be filed in HRERA Gurugram/ Gurgaon?

There are two type of complaints that can be filed in HRERA Gurgaon. You need to fill the CRA forms and submit your complaint. The Court fee is Rs. 1000 which can be paid online only.

Both online and offline process is set up and needs to be complied with.

The best about RRA is there is no evidence stage unlike consumer forum and straight away they hear the case

You need to file all the documents with the complaint on which you are relying because at later stage it is difficult.

A. Possession/Delay Possession Charges

B. Refund with interest.

A. Possession/Delay Possession Charges

In this kind of complaint the complainant wants to continue with the project however due to delay in the project he wishes to continue and wants compensation.

B. Refund with Interest

In this kind of complaint the complainant is seeking refund of his hard earned money along with interest.

Now in the recent judgement by Punjab and Haryana High Court both these complaints can be filed in HRERA Gurgaon.

Procedure for filing complaint Online

HRERA Gurgaon Offline filing Process

When the online process for registration is completed and fee is paid the complaint needs to be filed offline at the office of HRERA Gurugram

Important things

-> Proof of service along with service report

-> CD PDF with Doc file

-> Complaint with all annexure flagged.

-> 2 sets needs to be filed.

-> Complete form CRA filled.

-> An extra set for opposite party along with blank envelope

Procedure after filing of complaint

You should be receiving mail in few days regarding the hearing date update

About intimation of Date

You can check RERA portal also for the next date of hearing…

Process of hearing in HRERA Gurugram

These days Haryana RERA is hearing the matters both physically and through VC.

Complainant can engage an advocate and can choose any of the mode to present his case.


At the first date of hearing the opposite party is generally given time to reply to your complaint and after reply comes on the Second date the next date is fixed for arguments.


At the stage of the arguments the case is presented by the each side.

You have to show the delay and deficiencies and make out a case in your favor then the opposite party will submit his/her reply after which the court reserves it Decision.

Final Decision

Sample Order

Compensation Ordered

A compensation in form of 8-10% is ordered

Recent Matter won by Advocate Nitish Banka

Emaar MGF

A compensation of 9.30% was ordered as there was a delay in delivery of the project

A settlement with good compensation awarded to another client

Ramprastha execution Case

Buyers got 8 Cr as refund…

BPTP Refund Case

Buyers got their refund at 7% Pa interest

Legal Advice

Nitish Banka Advocate