Do I have to pay rent to the Landlord during the Lock down period?

In this Lockdown period there are many cases in which tenants are making an excuse to not to pay the rent due to lockdown as they are not able to use the property. Many businesses are shut down especially the hospitality industry and there is default in payment of rent to the landlord. The arguments […]

What is not a Dowry?

Gifts Given in Marraige or other Cermony In Indian culture we have many festivities during the marraige and after the marraige. Now gifts are exchanged in all these festivities and sometimes they are termed as dowry or dowry articles as per the complaint filed by the wife. Now with the help of certain judgements we […]

Some Acquittal Judgement in 498A.

The Aquittal in 498A depends on certain principles of law which may be common in the cases however the facts of the case may change as per the circumstances but the principles remain the same. Now what are these principles. Through this article I will test those principles and show you one or two principles […]

Cross Examination in Cheque Bounce Cases NI 138

If you are accused in a cheque bounce case and reading this article then i hope this article may be helpful to you. I will try to explain you in a very simple language as to how the cross examination in cheque bounce cases takes place. If you are looking for a fixed strategy then […]

When is the best time to file 340 CrPC

Section 340 CrPc is a way to get a relief in the cases of perjury. Now if witness deposes falsely in court then only 340 comes into picture. When is the right time to apply in court? Is it at the time of filing the complaint wherein the complainant deposes falsely or at the time […]

Can I get divorce if husband or wife put insulting allegations against me in Court.

The battle of matrimonial disputes between husband and wife becomes really bad when a lot of unsubstantiated allegations are put against each other in the proceedings. For example what if wife puts an allegation that her husband has extramarital affair with his own sister in court in the written statement that is the reason she […]

How you will not get Divorce if you fight case like this.

If you are contesting divorce on the grounds of cruelty and desertion then these points you have to keep in mind if you want to get Divorce All the allegations in the plaint.. You need to mention all the allegations in the plaint so that the other party may get an opportunity to counter them. […]

Quashing of 498a Vague allegation against relatives some important Judgments

The irony of 498a is that there is a tendency of the wife to rope in as many people as she can in false 498a case. When as many relatives are involved in false 498a they forsee that it will put pressure on the husband family to surrender to wife demand by misusing the entire […]

When can Maintenance can be denied to wife?

In this article I will cover 5 grounds with Judgments holding in the field on the grounds how maintenance can be denied to the wife. The Five Ground are Wife Living separately without sufficient cause. Wife living in Adultery Professionally qualified wife-Capable of earning Separated by mutual consent Earning wife Wife Living separately without sufficient […]

Interested Witness in 498a and how to deal?

In most of the 498a case the interested witnesses are the core of the criminal trial. The witnesses of wife like father mother, brother do come to court and reiterate the version of complaint. But the question here is Do conviction happen on just there testimony? The Answer to this depends on the case in […]