How to fight case against builder when you have no money?

If you are a flat buyer and still waiting for possession of your dream flat and there has been years of delay now. You are also paying Rent and EMI you are financially drained and want to get out of the mess.

One option is you go for legal remedy in court of law RERA or consumer forum individually which will again cost you more and more money and also time. This is an old technique which many people are using.

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Other option is you search for other people like you and you will find around 100-200 people who are affected by false promises made by builder.

But how this is going to help you…

If you form a group of at least 5-10 people to start with. You can initiate a legal proceedings against builder in NCDRC consumer forum under 12(1)(C) of consumer forum

Again a legal proceeding I don’t want to get into all this…

Well this is a different procedure here you file a case in a group like 5-10 people.

What about legal cost?

Since you are filing a single complaint against builder so cost factor is minimum as compared to individual complaint.

Like individual complaint cost increases as your case progresses in this case the legal cost reduces as more and more people become part of the complaint.

Is it effective.

Since may people will join for a cause it is an effective way to put pressure on builder to settle as number of people are bound to increase as case progesses.

This way at low cost you will get effective remedy.

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