See how to what limit wife can harass husband in false dowry cases

How Rahul won false dowry cases filed by his wife-inspiration for all false dowry cases victim

Rahul(named changed) met a girl Priya on online matrimonial site for marriage proposal. the girl parents were from a very simple family and Rahul was from an upper-class family. Rahul family wanted a simple and traditional girl.  both the family of groom and bride met at bride’s home in Jaipur whereas Rahul was in Delhi.

The Same day the Rishta was fixed and also marriage date was also fixed in December 2008 to be performed in Delhi. Since Priya belonged to a very simple family the groom family took entire expenses to do all the arrangements in Delhi/. On one occasion the father of Priya called upon the Rahul father that he is feeling embarrassed that all the expenses are borne by the groom family so he offered to contribute for some of the expenses to which Rahul father initially refused but due to persistent calls. The bride father sent a cheque of Rs. 1000000/- in the name of Rahul. Since bride family was very cordial and wish to do something Rahul never thought of an evil plan behind the cheque and en cashed the cheque in his account and spent the money towards marriage expenses.

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Marriage was performed with full band Baja and baraat and everybody enjoyed the wedding. Priya and Rahul were married for lifetime now.


2 Months after….

two months after the marriage in the month of March 2009 bride Priya went to Jaipur to celebrate Holi. Rahul had planned his honeymoon to Europe after Holi celebration. Priya called her husband to Jaipur and after the due visit to Jaipur Priya and Rahul flown to europe for their honeymoon of 18 days. Both of them enjoyed their time. It was like a dream marriage for priya and Rahul and both the families.

3 Months later..

Priya became pregnant and joy both Rahul and Rahul family celebrated the moment. However Priya does not wish to have the child. Rahul told Priya that Rahul family wish to have Child and it would not be good to abort the child. To which Priya agitated and quarrels between Priya and Rahul became often. Rahul used to take Priya for regular check up but Priya did not wish to have child and pressurized Rahul to get the child aborted to which Rahul and Priya mutually decided to get the child aborted at a local hospital though the termination was legal Rahul was not happy with the decision.

On 18th June 2009, Priya left the matrimonial home of Rahul in Delhi and gone to Jaipur. Rahul called several times to Priya asking why he left the house without permission to which Priya responded that her tauji is critically ill and will come back after 15 days.

On 30 June 2009 in wee hours of the night Jaipur police arrived at Rahul’s house and arrested Rahul and family for dowry-related case filed by wife of Rahul at Jaipur. All of a sudden Rahul and his family life and reputation got ruined. After spending 10 days in custody. Rahul and his parents finally got bail. Rahul was mentally broken and was now about to be broken financially by her wife. Her wife lodged a case under 125 CrPC.

In which she demanded Rs. 150000/- as monthly maintenance from Rahul. Rahul thought of committing suicide by now and he also tried and even failed in that. Somehow he managed to gain strength and fight out all the false dowry cases against him and family. He discussed his case with highly proficient lawyers at first. One of the lawyers advised him to go for quashing of FIR at least against the parents as there were vague allegations in FIR. Rahul found strength and approached High court remember the cheque of Rs. 1000000/- which he en cashed was used against Rahul as a dowry and further Rahul visit to Jaipur for Holi at his wife house was used against him as all the witnesses of the wife were supporting wife’s false case.  she even stooped so low that she even used abortion her child against Rahul, Rahul lawyers in High Court pleaded at least parents should be free as no dates of cruelty was mentioned by wife in FIR and no clear-cut allegations are there in FIR as against the parents.

First court victory of Rahul…..

The High court quashed the charges against the parents of Rahul. Relieved Rahul now moved ahead to save himself a lot of false evidence was against him.

At trial, Rahul thankfully had the recording of the conversation in which father of the wife wished to contribute which justified Rs. 1000000 into his account and regarding Jaipur incidence all of the witnesses deviated from their stand and he was finally acquitted of the charges of 498a. She even stooped so low

Defeat in Victory

The story of Rahul is similar to many other Rahul’s in the country. Though dowry law is diluted under the wake of recent supreme court decisions. Which included no immediate arrest. Life of Rahul is ruined forever because of lenient laws towards women in the country and are mostly misused

The purpose of Priya being from a simple family was to extort money and she succeeded in many ways and still getting a handsome maintenance of Rs. 75000/- per month.

This is the best way this story can be ended in which Rahul won but lost everything and is still contesting his divorce case.

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