How to get best Internships..without contacts.

How to get best Internships..without contacts.

when in law school every law student dreams of getting best of internships, but this dream gets shattered for most of them who think best of internships can only to those who have contacts. Well this is a myth, because of this many law student don’t even to try.

Here are some of the tips which would help you get best of internships, Now when I am talking about best of internship I also mean the quality work which would help you to develop skills not just the brand name.

Choose your area..

A lot of people are confused which area they want internship, this is because a lot of venues and areas available. In first year of law school NGO internship is the best, while 2nd year on wards internship in legal area of interest is beneficial choose 5, in the end a student must choose an area where he eventually wants to land up. Remember in final year only the chances of PPO is far greater than any other years. If you are confused about the area of internships between corporate or litigation read this

contact contact..

How to contact your potential firm , the firm where you wish to do internship at first write them a mail 2-3 months in advance with your cover letter and credentials, well if you don’t have credentials build those first, like learn drafting, there are various courses available, learn legal research here NGO internship would come handy which you would do in your first year, elaborate area of research and the other important skill is debate, take part rigorously in debating and mooting and write these credentials, highlight them, chances of response would become high. Apply at least 5 firms a day start as early as 2-3 months before you want to get internship. 100% you would land up in good firm. Use LinkedIn to contact the key persons who will give you internship, rigorously followup with them, even if they say no try again after some time.


If you do not get a response don’t loose hope, try again after some time or after a semester, the more you try more are the chances to land up in a great firm.

Focus on good internship

If you are not getting internship of your choice don’t make bad choices as they would be waste of time and you will also loose good internships during that time.

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