Getting threatening calls from wife to lodge false 498a?

I have received lot of queries regarding many people that their spouse is threatening them to lodge false cases, raising certain demands etc etc.

Here are the few tips and case law which could help to you engineer your evidence better in order to fight such frivolous cases.

Sec-65B of evidence act talks about the admissibility of the electronic evidence, Electronic evidence is very much admissible like any documentary evidence.


So next time you receive any threatening call kindly record the same in your mobile phone, Nowadays smartphones have lots of apps to record clearly,please buy a paid app, which can support many formats, such that either the mobile phone or CD prepared from such mobile phone can be exhibited in the court. Remember it is always better to exhibit mobile phone to tackle any kind of objections see-: Sri. P. Padmanabh vs Syndicate Bank Limited, … on 15 November, 2007. With the advent of technology you are in the better position to craft your case.