How to solve 498A issue

How to solve 498A issue

If your wife has lodged a false FIR u/s 498a IPC and you are on bail while the investigation is going on or may be the mediation here are the legal remedies which could help you-:

  • Move an application under 482 CrPC if you thinkĀ that theĀ allegation in the FIR are there for an ulterior motive, follow this judgment which gives an Idea when to invoke 482 CrPC.
  • Cooperate with police and never evade the investigation.
  • Do not worry if the petition under 482 CrPC is not entertained by the high court or may be rejected, face the trial if you think evidence is in your favor and never compromise with the other side.

Follow these steps and solve your problem of 498a, remember fear is not the solution in such cases.

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