Understanding Disinvestment

Disinvestment of a company basically means the action of an organization or government selling or liquidating an asset or subsidiary. It is also known as “divestiture“. It may also be a reduction in capital expenditure, or the decision of a company not to replenish depleted capital goods. Thus Disinvestment refers to the sale or liquidation of an asset or subsidiary of an organization or equity and bond capital by the government to the private sector. It also implies the sale of government’s loan capital in PSUs through securitization. However, it is the government and not the PSUs who receive money from disinvestment.

 In the BALCO Disinvestment case, Supreme Court considered the complex questions relating to effect of disinvestment on the employees and workers and whether the questions of policy and administrative matters and decision can be heard by Supreme Court. The Supreme Court delivered a very elaborate, exhaustive and thoughtful opinion on various issues related to the aspects of disinvestment. Through this article I have tried to analyze in brief the concept of disinvestment, discuss the case and relate it with the aspects of company law.

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