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Solve your consumer complaint against builders and claim your possession. These days builders are not giving possession to innocent buyers who have paid their hard earned savings in getting a their dream homes. We at Lexspeak legal handled numerous consumer cases and we are expert in faster resolution in builder related issues.

We cater from district consumer forums to National Commission depending upon type and nature of the cases. We are also handling recent joint complaint trend in the National commission.

We also offer ease and convenience, just mail your documents and we get started, you do not have to attend the hearings regularly as we will be updating you about your case and mailing you daily orders at your comfort. we have made your cumbersome litigation.

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Latest News

Supreme Court asks Unitech to deposit Rs 5 crore for delay in handing flats


Ravi Teja Sharma

, ET Bureau|

Jul 02, 2016, 01.51 AM IST
The apex consumer commission had also directed Unitech to hand over possession of the flats booked by Diwakar Mishra and others on or before October 31, 2017.
The apex consumer commission had also directed Unitech to hand over possession of the flats booked by Diwakar Mishra and others on or before October 31, 2017.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has askedreal estate firm Unitech to deposit Rs 5 crore by August 5, 2016 for delaying the completion of a high-end residential project Burgundy it had launched on the Noida-Greater NoidaExpressway near New Delhi.

“If the amount is not deposited, liberty is granted to the respondents to move an application for contempt of this Court and in that event, the Directors of the petitioner-company may be sent to custody,” Justice Dipak Misra and C Nagappan said in their order.

The court had earlier asked the company to deposit the amount by June 10, 2016 after it had failed to comply with a 2015 order of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). “The amount so deposited shall be kept in a short term fixed deposit in the UCO Bank, Supreme Court Compound, New Delhi, so that interest can be accrued on the same.”

The court revised the date for depositing the money as August 5 after Unitech filed an application for extension of time to pay the amount.

An email questionnaire sent to Unitech did not elicit any response.

On the complaint of two home buyers—Diwakar Mishra and Vinay Kumar Singh—who had bought apartments in the project in October 2010 and were to get possession by April 2012, NCDRC had asked Unitech to offer possession of the apartments on or before October 31, 2017 and also pay “compensation in the form of simple interest @ 12% per annum w.e.f. 16.04.2013 till the date on which possession is offered to them or till 31.10.2017, whichever be earlier. The interest payable till 31.12.2015 shall be paid in three equal instalments. The first instalment shall be paid by 10.01.2016, the second instalment by 10.02.2016 and the third instalment by 10.03.2016. The compensation in the form of interest for the period w.e.f. 01.01.2016 shall be paid on monthly basis by the 10th of each succeeding month.”

“The grievance of the complainants is that despite they having paid more than 95% of the agreed sale consideration to the opposite party, the possession has not been offered to them and in fact the construction of the flats is still far from complete,” the NCDRC order had said.

You just need will to take on your cause, rest assured justice will be delivered.

We follow legal techniques to resolve your consumer related issues-:

  • We represent you on all the forums.
  • We draft consumer complaints
  • We draft evidence.
  • We provide research and expert support.
  • We send notices.
  • We handle consumer court procedures.

Common Question-:

I do not have time to fight consumer case?

Don’t worry if you have no time to fight the consumer case,  because we are here to spend time at your case and we make sure it get’s resolved.

Get all the legal help you need on call/on E-mail/ fight for your consumer rights and get good relief.


Following are the sectors which comes under the ambit of consumer protection-:

  • E-commerce
  • IT
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Government services
  • Housing services
  • Manufacturing goods
  • Many others

If you have consumer complaint we would help you in resolving the same.

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Types of forums in India

District forum

State Commission

National Commission

Which forum my case would fall into?

Well it depends upon the value of the consumer complaint and area of opposite party.

If value of the case < 20 lakhs—-District forum

If value of the case > 20 lakhs  but less than 1 crore—State commission

More than 1 crore—National commission

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Do I have to go to other city to file consumer complaint because I purchased goods online?

No not necessarily, you do not need to go the city of other party. Through our expert case laws and research we make sure that you file your consumer complaint in your own city.

Myth Buster-I have to spend huge amount of money to go to consumer forum.

No, consumer cases cost way less than civil cases and are must faster these days to give justice.

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  1. builder promised and taken a token amount for a booked flat but after 3 months they are saying that selected flat has been given to another person without asking us and asking us to chose other one

  2. Sir
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    Thank you
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  4. Respected sir/mam

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    नॉट यह जो भी घटना मेरे साथ हुई हे वह घटना दूसरे व्यक्ति के साथ नहीं हो इसलिए यह शिकायत में कर हु !इस शाप वाले के साथ उचित कार्यवाही जाये मुझे न्याय जाये

    विजेंद्र सोलंकी
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