Latest Guidelines By Delhi High Court on How to Settle Matrimonial Disputes

There was a lot of problems which were faced by the litigants when they face matrimonial cases…One of the most common problem is wife side backs out when they take money from husband side and the husband side remains stuck even after the payment. The criminal cases goes on and still there is no end. […]

Interim Maintenance Denied to wife Capable of working…Delhi Court

In a recent judgement of Delhi court..The magistrate court rejected interim maintainance application to wife who is capable of working. Interim maintenance in matrimonial cases was originally designed to assist women who were financially dependent on their husbands and had no means of earning a livelihood, such as those who were uneducated or not working. […]

False case in itself is mental cruelty and ground for divorce….

In India, the practice of demanding dowry and filing false dowry cases against a spouse is a serious offense that can have severe consequences for both parties involved. False dowry cases are often filed to extort money or to harass the spouse and their family members, causing significant harm and mental distress. In response, the […]

False 498a case is ground for Divorce….

It is a trend these days that wife alleges allegation in 498a alleging dowry and cruelty.. False 498A accusations can have a significant impact on men, both psychologically and socially. Section 498A is a part of the Indian Penal Code that deals with cruelty by a husband or his family members towards a married woman. […]


Here, are the 6 latest judgments of courts in which FIR registered under 498A got quashed due to presence of vague allegations and false charges against the husband and his family members. In case of Kamlesh Kalra and Ors. vs. Shilpika Kalra and Ors. (24.04.2020 – SC) court are of the opinion that the allegations […]

Does the wife have residential rights despite absence of DV?

There are certain questions which need to be answered in law and regularly court clarify or interpret laws that are already provided in statutes so that problems that are happening in society should be resolved successfully.  Recently, one judgment was passed by the Supreme Court of India that clears interpretation of residential rights provided to […]

How to quash FIR filed u/s 376 of IPC in matrimonial disputes?

Quashing of FIR for the offence of rape is quite rare in legal field as it is a heinious crime. As this is offence against society at large and that’s why it is very difficult to discharge the accused in such matters. However, in some peculiar circumtances this FIR can be quashed when it is […]

Maintenance judgments in favor of husband

Maintenance is a amount that is paid to wife, children and parents who are not able to maintain themselves. In general, it is basically “support or subsistence.” It is typically pays for the costs of essentials or requirements for the stuff of life. However, it is not just a right to the claimant’s survival but […]


Domestic violence is a very sensitive issue to address in the legal system due to numerous incidents of vague allegations and false cases implicating the Innocents in the Relationship. Although on the one face of the coin, Number of women are facing Domestic violence and choose to be silent in the society for the sake […]

Mental Cruelty by wife……divorce in favor of Husband

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, which governs the law relating to Indian marriages between Hindus, and the Special Marriage Act of 1954, which governs the law relating to all Indian marriages regardless of religious denominations, contain an identical ground for divorce: “cruelty” after solemnization of the marriage. Matrimonial matters are matters of delicate human […]