Solution for Data Theft

The IT firms today are playing on Big Data an they should prevent their data from data theft, from User information like E-mail Ids, passwords,credit card number or may be any other sensitive data in your system for personal use or may be for business plans are all sensitive data and unauthorized access by your […]

Independence Day Free Legal Aid Program-8 Aug-16 Aug

This independence day get a respite from your legal issues, from LexSpeak. For promoting access to justice and facilitating legal awareness LexSpeak offers Free Legal aid on any issues concerning any matter pertaining to law. Vande Matram!!   For Legal Queries Click Here Call-9891549997 *This Free Legal Aid program is not an advertisement and is […]

Software Patents in India

India having a vast IT sector with so many talented engineers using their software development techniques to build and innovate new software and driving the software Industry, Big companies like IBM, Google, Adobe, Samsung etc.  Having there outsourcing centers in India spend considerable amount of their budget in R&D section. There is so much competition […]

Why Emergence of social media has made IT act obsolete?

The IT act came into existence to protect the users from the crime related to electronic space, we know that India is a IT hub and a largest democratic country, That’s why we need IT laws .But Laws don’t keep pace with technology. And at one point of time the technology surpasses and comes above […]

Law relating to Cyber Squatting

As the scope of Internet is expanding day by day and more and more businesses are moving on the internet. sites like,, Have earned lot of reputation and are identifiable by their domain name then by any other trademark. While trademark is for physical world, domain names are the trademarks in the virtual domain. However […]