A Benami property is a property wherein the person who actually pays the consideration of the property (purchaser), purchases the property in the name of other person (benamidar), however the purchaser did not intends to make that other person beneficiary of the propertyThe sole purpose of Benami transaction is to facilitate the purchaser to hide […]

Here are the few judgements which would help you in defining forgery in a better sense, apply it in your case to determine whether allegations constitute forgery or not– This Definition was adopted in Rembert vs. State 25 Am. Rep. 639. In another case, namely, State vs. Phelps 34 Am. Dec. 672, it was laid […]

Here is the step by step guide for registering a company- Wishing to start a company or a start-ups here is the valuable piece of information which would help you-: Remember a private limited company with a share capital of 100000 requires-2 director and 2 subscribers Step-1: Obtain a DSC certificate DSC is a digitally […]