Time Management:Legally Speaking

For a great legal practice, more than the work you do its the management of time which is needed to be focused upon.An analysis of your whole day work would be a starting point, follow these steps and you would master your time and build a great legal practice in a far less time.

1. Plan Your Day-: You need to follow 80/20 rule, this rule states that you need to do most priority job first i.e you need to identify those 20% tasks which are most important and scheduled for the day which would generate 80% of your output or may be revenue, Mundane tasks must be dealt with


later in the day.You have to create a plan and visualize your day before start working. Mornings are the best time to think about your day.

2.Remove distraction-:Tasks which require high amount of concentration should be performed in distraction free zones, this would help in performing these tasks in much lesser time and with total quality.

3. Outsource which you can outsource-: It is important that petty jobs must be outsourced, so that your time is left for most important tasks only,You might think it would be costly but in long run you would generate large revenue.i.e clerical stuff can be outsourced, which often takes 80% of your time producing 20% output.

4. Take breaks-: For high performance you need to take breaks every 2 hours, take a walk in garden or in office, this would charge your mind and would lead to more productivity, thereby accomplishing tasks much lesser time.

5. Learn to say No-:You have to a lot time for a particular tasks which you would be doing and you have to know to all other work which would interfere in the task which you are already performing, you cannot muti task, do single task at a time and say no to other tasks.   Start Practicing these steps and you would see that your productivity and quality of work has increased and so are your chances of success.

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