How your Right to Life is getting violated each day?

Right to Life envisaged in Article-21 of our Indian constitution is a very wide right; it does not mean that right to be alive. Today people in India are living like dogs and Article -21 has implied conditions that the right to life means right to live with dignity and not a mere dogmatic like existence.

While I was travelling from Moradabad to Delhi, I saw old ladies, children, old men travelled from Moradabad to Delhi a 5-6 hr journey standing, and I could not do anything but to have pity on them and on myself that I could not do anything for these people. Imagine travelling 250kms standing and people consider it as a norm they see this is a part of their life.
Then while I was travelling to Delhi to Moradabad I saw slums, people in shanties who do not have basic hygienic and sanitation where they are even unable to dispose of their own waste, neither they have access to fresh drinking water which is essential for living and Right to Life.
While I was travelling I only saw misery of my fellow Indians both Inside and outside the train, I ask to myself why we are suffering and tolerating and most importantly who is to be blamed and what action should we take, throughout the journey these questions kept me busy on a lonely travel.
I went to Safdarjung hospital yesterday there I saw sick old people standing in a long que for 2-3 hours for their turn, this nothing less than the torture given by the britishers to Indians. This is India after 65 yrs of Independence and we are claiming to be a next superpower, in what illusion we are living.

After witnessing all these misery of the people, I came to know why we deserve to live in misery and why we love to be treated like dogs, because we don’t raise a voice against these things, we are so busy in our dogmatic life that we forget that we have any duty to improve our country conditions.
We are worse than we were during the time of britishers, our country needs revolution like 1857 to protect the dignified life of the people. We need judicial activism where our courts can command the government to restore people lives, so that they live a life of dignity. If each Indian citizen bear an onus and do small things directed to improve the country then only every person in India would have a dignified life. People also should value themselves and never tolerate exploitation and Injustice.

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