Old age means the age nearing or approximating average life span and the end of human cycle. It is the age which has less reawakening and reconstructive capacity, they feel insecure due to their declined earning capacity. It is the age where they depend upon their kith and kin for pecuniary, physical and emotional needs. But at this efficacious and progressive generation children are not

finding time to cater the needs of their parents and are concentring their parents into old age homes by leaving them as dieing and destitute people. It is time to realise now that these people are not insecure and backed by support of law. The government had made various legislations for granting social security measures to old people as burden is moving on to the government and community rather than the family, prominent of them being the Code of criminal procedure 1973 (sec125-127) the importance of this Sections is that it applies to all Indians whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi etc but here too the deficiency is that the parents are to be maintained only when they are unable to The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956 (sec18-22). The Lacuna of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956 is that is applies to Hindus only under Section 20 of the act, both Hindu Male and Female are under legal obligation to maintain their debilitated and The Maintenance and welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 especially women is one epic legislation which is still not much in the limelight. The special feature of this act is that justice is provided in 90 days from the date of filling application. Nowadays Parents are spending a huge sum of money for the children education and for their secure future but the younger generation are being selfish and hoggish; once their needs are catered they forget the support and abutment given by their parents by just leaving their parents at their own stake when they need their children’s support in turn. So, Instead of dipping their retirement funds for the benefit of their children parents should go for education loan as they will get tax deduction also under Sec80E of Income Tax Act 1961.

By-: Taruni Banda