Solution for India’s Rape Problem

I have found one of the organisation in US which works for Rape related issues-:

Here is a glimpse of what they actually do, and we will find solution of our problem in there working-:

A brief overview of one of the Rape Crises centre in Los Angeles

About Us


What We Do

The Rape Treatment Center (RTC) provides services for victims of rape 24 hours a day, 7 days a week …
We offer comprehensive, free treatment for sexual assault victims and their families, including 24-hour emergency medical care, forensic examinations, crisis intervention, long-term professional counseling, advocacy, and accompaniment services. The RTC is the only facility in Los Angeles, and one of the few in the country, where sexual assault victims can receive all of the services they need in one place, 24 hours a day. Since 1974, over 30,000 victims have received the RTC’s expert care.

In 1999, the RTC established an innovative, state-of-the-art medical/forensic clinic to provide 24-hour emergency care and evidence collection services for victims of rape and sexual abuse in the immediate aftermath of victimization.






We offer training for police, prosecutors, schools, and other victim service providers…
To enhance the services victims receive wherever they turn for help, the RTC provides training programs for police, prosecutors, judges, hospitals, schools, mental health agencies, rape crisis centers, and other victim assistance organizations across the country.

We reach out to college campuses nationwide…
The RTC has a leadership role in helping to solve the widespread problem of sexual assault on our nation’s college campuses. The RTC published a landmark report that was sent to every college president in the country. The report outlines specific policies and programs colleges can adopt to reduce the incidence of sexual violence among college students and provide support for students who are victimized. Colleges throughout the United States have adopted the RTC’s recommendations.

The RTC initiated federal legislation that gives college students who are sexually assaulted on campus by other students important rights in campus judicial proceedings, including the right to know the outcome of the disciplinary hearings concerning their cases.

The RTC produced an award-winning film, CAMPUS RAPE, to inform students about stranger and acquaintance rape and effective prevention strategies. Over 10,000 copies of the film have been distributed to colleges throughout the United States.

The RTC produces educational posters, print ads, and television public service announcements for colleges, fraternities, sororities, rape crisis centers, and police departments nationwide.

We provide prevention education programs that reach tens of thousands of teenagers in public schools each year…
Adolescents are at high risk for rape and other forms of sexual abuse. The RTC is at the forefront of developing innovative programs to reduce the incidence of victimization in this age group.

RTC staff work on-site in high schools to inform adolescents about sexual assault and to help them develop and practice self-protection skills.

In addition, the RTC provides Roads to Respect®, an innovative awareness and prevention program for middle schools that addresses the problem of peer sexual harassment among students.

The RTC also publishes and distributes special educational materials for adolescents, including the magazine HOW IT HAPPENS®.

We created a model facility for children who are suspected victims of sexual abuse…
Stuart House, an innovative facility established by the RTC, remedies many of the problems in the traditional system that often revictimize these profoundly traumatized children, such as multiple, repetitive interviews in cold, institutional settings; low prosecution rates; and critical shortages in expert medical care and therapy services. The following stories illustrate some of these problems:

John, a seven-year-old boy was sodomized on multiple occasions by a neighbor. After the doctor discovered his victimization, John was interviewed by more than a dozen different professionals representing six different agencies. Eight months later, the case still had not been filed for prosecution.

Mary, a four-year-old girl, was sexually assaulted by a man who was an acquaintance of her family. She was given three different pelvic examinations at various medical facilities because of a lack of coordination among agencies and the unavailability of properly trained physicians.

Stuart House was created to solve these problems by looking at the system through a child’s eyes. Stuart House brings together — in one location — police, prosecutors, and child protection personnel from various agencies who work together as a team in a special environment designed for children. The close collaboration among agencies eliminates unnecessary interviews of traumatized children, ensures that crucial services are provided, and enhances evidence collection and prosecutions. Stuart House also has a comprehensive treatment program that provides individual, family, and group therapy services for child victims and their families, as well as a Court School for children who testify in criminal proceedings. Stuart House has received international recognition as a model program. It is one of the most comprehensive facilities of its kind in the country.

We provide consultation and public information…
The RTC serves as an information resource for the news media, television and film production companies, government agencies, citizens, and victim service providers across the country on issues related to rape and sexual assault, child sexual abuse, the impact of victimization, and crime prevention. The RTC’s 911rape online information service provides facts, resources, and information about rape and sexual assault for victims and the general public.

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