While scrolling through the pages of Current GK, I came across a bulletin, which read as, “India tops the list of first day deaths.” This implies that children in India die on the same day of their birth more than any other country in this world. This is according to the latest report published by State Of The World’s Mothers 2013. Conferring this report, it is to be stated that over 309,300 children in India die before a day. This amounts to 29% of global share. But, India has a surviving population which shares 17.5% of world’s total. In 2011, the Indian population was 1 210, 193, 422, i.e., 17.5%. The population growth was 181 million in the decade 2001-11. When I researched more on this, I came across some interesting facts. The Infant Mortality Rate is 44 per 1000 live births in the country as per Sample Registration System, 2011. India ranks 136 in the Human Development Index.
To increase the Death Rates several schemes are in process. One of which is the Mid-day meal scheme. This year, especially in the state of Bihar Mid-day meals have played a very important in curbing the discarded population. Leaders have significantly contributed indirectly, may be not, directly in helping curb the population problem. Then again, nature has played a very important role by causing floods, tsunami, earthquakes, landslides and many more. Moreover, people die of diseases, expired medicines, road and rail accidents, murders and suicides; even then the population is growing. Government also has implemented its health initiatives by introducing contraceptives and other precautions at a minimum rate. The minimum age of girls to marry at 18 and boys to marry at 19 has strictly been adhered and, the family planning advisory is working everywhere.
Beyond all this, the Indian population has grown. The various schemes of government to curb and control population have failed. The reason is simple, population growth. The population of poor people has also decreased significantly since, Rs. 12 provides for a meal. That means we have more people now who can survive on their own. Also, since the population below poverty line is comparatively less now; this means that quality money will be spent on a few poor people left now. No doubt, a large quantity of mass will suffer by the virtue of not being poor. They won’t be benefited by the BPL endeavors. The question strikes me again, ‘Will the population increase’? The answer whatever it is, I don’t know.
The conclusion which I arrive at is birth has anyways defeated death.

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