Why is a girl child becoming a burden to the society?



Abortion! The moment you here this word there is some strange expression and a morose feeling in you. It is one of the world’s most painful feelings for the mother. Now the point to be considered is that whether this feeling is the same when it’s a baby girl and a baby boy? For most of the people it is No they are happy to get a baby girl aborted rather than a baby boy. As a result of this selective abortion girls and women between 35 and 40 million are missing from Indian population. And the sex ratio is 800:1000 in some parts of the country.

Basing on these facts do you think we need to blame the urban sect or the rural sect? I feel both the sects are equally to be blamed as no one has a clean chit in this aspect, even the educated and erudite people the so called urbanites are also doing the same thing by discriminating between the foetus and killing a life.

How bad is that when we kill a man alive we call it murder but when we kill the foetus it is called abortion, yes I do accept that for abatement to abortion is do punished in law but Is the same degree of punishment the answer to which is No in both the cases it is taking away the life but unfortunately our law discriminates both.

Through the ultrasound scans and amniocentesis the sex of the foetus can be determined during pregnancy and aborted if it is female child why is the state of women like this? We call INDIA as “Bharath Matha” the word implies a female when country itself is respected soo much then why are they so many females infanticide cases in the same country. We feel proud that the Speaker of the Parliament is a Women, the Ex-President was a women and the leader of the ruling party is a women but we forget that in the same country a female is also killed even before taking birth.

Divine justice demands that the rights of both sexes should be equally respected since neither is superior to the other in the eyes of heaven. In the so called puranas women goodess are given a eccentric and conventional place we are told by our elders to take inspiration from the puranas why don’t people take this sort of things as inspiration.

Amniocentesis was introduced in 1975 to detect foetal abnormalities but is soon began to be used in determining the baby’s sex. With the advent of privatization and commercialization the use of pre-natal diagnostic techniques is growing into a thriving business in India.

Parliament has realized the grave implications or outcomes arising out of the misuse of the pre-natal diagnosis techniques and therefore intended to regulate the use only for certain medical purposes. The government has realized that the abuse of technology for deter of sex of the foetus is leading to effect the dignity of women with this objective Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques(Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act 1994 wef 1/1/96 has been passed and according to this act compulsory registration of Pre Natal Diagnostic centers is made. Sex detection violates the rights which are enumerated in Article 14 and 21 which relates to right to equality and right to life respectively.

Even the code of Crpc is against this sort of situation so under Section 416 it mandates that the High court should postpone execution of a female if known that she is pregnant. In this way the court indirectly recognizes the right to life of a female.

The basic reasons why a female is being a burden and there is discrimination is that:-

  1. There is strong preference to a son in the society
  2. A girl is regarded as a burden of dowry payment
  3. Social belief that son can keep family name
  4. Old age care and support

Based the things I stated above I am confused that when there is dowry prohibition then why do males have to take dowry and why do a girl become a burden because of dowry? And from where is the fact proven that only a male will see through the parents in old age and only male keeps up the name of the family in the society…all this is nothing but illusion which people should overcome and should have a broad outlook towards women.

By Taruni Banda

4 thoughts on “Why is a girl child becoming a burden to the society?

  1. That was really a good one and i cant keep quite without appreciating the research that has been done to publish this article… But to be frank we are actually in need of solutions because 90% of articles are just covering the problems we are facing and i find the same here too… call me a critic or may be poor at grasping but the 3rd word of line 4 in Para(2) which has been mentioned as shit ..i think that should be CHIT.. and in para (4) i think the word Women must be replaced with the word Woman.. by there is a solution for this problem first of all its the social awareness and even in the hospitals and clinics there must be a good surveillance by the government and even public should feel it as their responsibility and must react to any such incidents… Because when its a problem for the society only the society can solve it but not an individual…

  2. thank you so much yatheendra will surely value your suggestions…and the solutions you have given truly deserve appreciation..and sorry for those small typing mistakes like chit..will surely rectify them from next time

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