Maintainence/Interim Maintainence to wife calculation Judgements

interim maintenance/maintenance to wife

Here are some of the Judgments which help in assess the interim maintenance/maintenance to wife and how courts devise the amount.

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Revision vs By Advs.Sri.C.P.Peethambaran 

There is nothing to show that the wife has any job or income of her own. Though the husband made such a contention that she has her own income, there is no evidence to prove such a case. The respondent is admittedly a carpenter. He also practically admitted that a carpenter would get 750/- per day. But his case is that he would not get job everyday in a month. Anyway, the trial court made a rough assessment of the probable income of the husband as 15,000/- per month. What is awarded is only 1/3rd of the probable income assessed. In the particular facts and circumstances, I find that some slight modification can be made in the amount awarded by the trial court. The revision petitioner will have his own personal expenses and he will have other liabilities in the family consisting his parents, brothers and sisters. The concern of the court must be that the amount awarded R.P (FC) No.311 of 2014 by the court must reach in the hands of the claimant. If a huge amount is awarded, the claimant may not get it promptly, and the person liable may think of other options, if he finds it difficult to make payment of the huge amount. So, I feel that 2500/- will do justice to the wife and 1500/- will do justice to the child in the present circumstances, of course, subject to periodic modification and enhancement under Section 127 of Cr.P.C as and when needs and necessities increase and circumstances change.

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