How to present your case before consumer forum?

Before Admission After all the documentation have been done and your file has been accepted by the forum. The forum would give you date for you appearance, this date is an opportunity for you to present your case and admit the same before the forum. The forum will see whether there is deficiency of service or defects in  goods or unfair trade practice. now your job in brief is to state the facts which reveal what the forum wants to know. # remember 2-3 mins preparation and presentation is enough. Court-cheque-jpg Continue reading

How to approach consumer court ??-Preparation

If you are having a consumer problem and always talking about lodging a case in consumer court, this article might help you. It is also for the people who always wish to go and lodge a consumer complaint but fail to do so because they don’t know the procedure. What the government is not doing with JAGO GRAHAK JAGO campaign is that spreading the knowledge about consumer protection act-1986, how rules in the act are to be implemented and how common man can stand in the consumer forum.

Before preparing to take your case to the consumer forum one must follow following guidelines and standard procedure because preparation is the key.

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