How to Bargain the amount of Interim Maintenance/Maintenance.

Interim maintenance and maintenance under s.24 and s. 25 of HMA or under s.125 CrPC or under DV act. These provisions bind a person who has an obligation to support and maintain his family. Initially when these cases are filed on say a husband they become adamant they deny to recognize their duty which can go adverse against the husband himself. Interim maintenance is the monthly amount set by the court till pending litigation. So the real benefit for the husband is to shorten the time of litigation so that he would end up paying less here are some of the ways to pay a minimum or no amount of interim maintenance / maintenance.

  • Capacity to Pay

The amount of maintenance is directly proportional to the income of the husband. Lesser the income lesser is the sanctioned amount. It is important that husband should take initiative to show the salary slip instead of the court asking for the same as the procedure by courts are slow so better to follow due diligence approach. This would also help in bringing down the amount and shortening the litigation as it would again show the honest approach of the husband.

  • Desertion by Wife

It is a rule that if wife has deserted the husband the husband is not liable to pay any form of maintenance. It is imported to show that you have done various efforts to call back the wife by mail, SMS, chats are all admissible proof. This again would lead to shortening of litigation and complete dismissal of maintenance case. But again the wife has 498a and cruelty but she need to prove it.

  • Mediation

Mediation is the best ground for negotiation. Try to negotiate the amount and mutually agree. It would again shorten the litigation and save lots of money on lawyers.

  • Working wife

Try to prove that wife is competent to earn, there is a rule that maintenance amount is for survival not for luxury and if the wife is working than no maintenance shall be awarded. But if wife is capable to earn then maintenance amount can be reduced.

Follow these tips remember the penny ur saving in maintenance cases can become heavy if litigation continues for long periods. In maintenance cases non-adamant, honest, diligent approach will win you.