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We at Lexspeak Legal with our expert team of advocates for Hon’ble Supreme Court of India are offering best legal solutions for filling of transfer petition from one state to another, SLP, writ, Pil, Appeal

We are expert in Supreme Court filing and help you to list the matter in shortest possible time with the help of our clerks and staff well equipped in handling supreme court cases with years of experience.

We represent in the Hon’ble court with full preparation, with all the latest judgement and case laws we increase the chances of success of your case in Hon’ble court all these at a very reasonable and affordable fees, we have successfully managed to increase Access to Justice to the Hon’ble court with our affordable costs.

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ABOUT ME I am Advocate Nitish Banka and currently I practice in Supreme Court Of India, I represent various clients from all over India in the Hon’ble Supreme Court, I deal in matters pertaining to SLP,writs,PIL, Transfer Petitions,review petitions and also caters to those litigants who want to represent their cause by petitioner in person. I am well versed with the Supreme Court practice and procedures as well as well connected with designated senior advocates in the Hon’ble court.


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  • Favorable Decision on 498a, Dowry in Supreme Court of India, Fighting for con donation of cruelty, consumer protection act.
  • Transfer Petition in favor of husband through video conferencing.
  • Transfer petition on behalf of wife admitted on special grounds

We have helped many clients at Hon’ble Supreme Court and best we can do is getting favorable Orders…


Mr. Birender Prasad

Thank you for solving my 20 yrs matrimonial case from Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Now I can live my retired life freely.

Mr. Pijyush Chakarbarty

My consumer appeal was decided in my favour and against builder Thank you Adv. Nitish Banka

Mrs. Swapna Mathhew

Thanks for handling my transfer petition in supreme court of India. Now I can conveniently contest my case.


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