Social change or social media-society losing vision

Social change is soul of society transformation there were times of Benjamin Franklin, when the states man leader had a vision to see masses progress in the progressive society called America, from follower of the crown to rebel against the crown ,what did not changed was the vision of the progress of the people by solving their problems. Benjamin Franklin was not after money or he doesn’t had to worry about paying monthly bills, EMI’s or getting new gadgets he was not a distracted soul like we are in this 21st century , the reason why he is still alive on the 100$ note is this that he only thought of contribution towards the society and nothing more. he had vision to have prosperous society and society in turn rewarded him and now more than 200 years people still know that person or at least his name. Another personality is Abraham Lincoln who has only vision to remove slavery of black people quite ambitious vision as he had to change the constitution of America to do that. The contribution of both the above two leaders changed the history of a country and still people talk about them and at least know them by their name.

Now in 2016 where are these kind of people to which we call leaders ,who have  certain vision to change the nation. Today’s youth is doomed by social media, which is more of a distracted or I rather call it destructive tool than a tool which changes society. People are running like a crazy dog behind money, not thinking about contribution to the societies and this is the reason why people are unhappy.Now the only vision people have is to make more and more money and guess what, more they run after money more they are getting disappointed. because the work they are doing will not going to give them satisfaction as it is not contributing towards the society or the social change.Great leaders as mentioned above never ran after money, rather they only thought of making contribution to society.They also did not had wealthy father or even a formal education, the excuses we make today, that you need a wealthy father to think like great leaders, remember a person who contribute to the society is taken care by the society. people in today’s world have become consumer than producers. people have stopped reading books and started reading statuses and watching viral videos, which is distraction. people are sponsoring their own doom by getting addicted toward this and have halted their own progress. Yes their income are increasing because they thought of increasing their income, but yet they are unsatisfied as they have contributed little to the society and played a major role in disintegrating the society. An Iphone 7 will not give any happiness or sharing videos on social media would give rather committing to social change would give.


Advocate Nitish Banka