Legal Aid For Poor/Needy-Donate To change the system.

This program is an initiative to help the poor and Indigent people who can’t afford a good lawyer for their adequate representation of their case in court as. The government is also running a similar program but there are too many hurdles the poor have to face for availing such a service from the government. Like the income, a benchmark is so low that most needy people are not covered under the government scheme. Further the poor has to prove his poverty to avail such services which are quite humiliating for that poor person and for the society.

Through this program, the poor and needy would be a direct beneficiary. Women would also benefit from the program related to their family disputes as they may not be having any income support. Those people will also get benefit who have less money for litigation expenses. We will arrange Lawyer to them at a subsidized rate .

The main idea behind this program is to promote justice and an adequate representation in courts. The lawyers who will also benefit from this program would be paid reasonably for their expenses but on a condition of honest representation. There are so many accused persons who are in jail just because they cannot afford their bail bond. Through this program and from the money raised from this program, we will do every effort to release those innocent accused persons.

All those people can also donate if they even found the information through this blog useful in their case. As a consideration, even you can also donate to the cause

Don’t blame the system “be the change you wish to see”.come forward and donate for the cause.We will connect directly you to the real beneficiary(subject to confidentiality of the case) through this program so that every penny you spent on this cause is accountable.

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