How to Start your own law firm-Straight out of law school.

Starting a law firm straight out of law school seems like a crazy idea, for those who think its not possible then read on this article is for you to clear all your doubts. Having an Independent legal practice is a dream of many people but the dream is often shrouded in doubts when one think of having a law firm the following doubts do come into everybody mind. Now let me clear all these doubts with logical answers.

1.  Its too early to start?

Everybody thinks its too early to start, just out of law school want to start his own firm, crazy idea right!!, but let me tell you one thing, you did lot of internships during your law school, you have a fair idea what the work gonna be like, Ok now when you know a faint idea what the work will be like, you can do it. remember you can be a junior throughout your life and think “its too early”, now this is more crazier. Ok I concede that 8-10 months of junior ship is required but this you could have done in your law school,if you have done this then read on, if not then do it for 10 months not more than that. remember start learning from day 1 read books commentary etc soon you will be years ahead.

2. I don’t have experience?

Remember you would never have an experience until you start handling cases independently simple as that, even Ram Jethmalani did not had experience when he started so you are not an exception, handle your first case, keep a focus on first case handle it well, so it means you have started. This means you started gaining experience. Start with a small case, these days consumer cases are plenty and very easy to handle, focus on this then leap into the civil side, for corporate side people in corporate side you can do research for new startups and help them obtain licenses like service tax, pan, vat, ESIC etc to start with, but remember its more important to start.

3. I don’ have clients?

Ya true straight out of law school no one will come to you, but this is your myth a client need a lawyer who can solve his problem thats it. If you are the one who can solve his problem it does not matter if you have experience or not, anyways he is not checking your biodata. Focus on single client and do his work efficiently you will get more.

4. I don’t have money for office?

In initial years you can meet client at their place, they would love to have a meeting at their places, remember the more you be comfortable with client the more he will care for you. Have a meeting at his place, if you don’t have money for office doesn’t matter remember great companies and firms started in garages->”Apple”, Microsoft”, money is a secondary thing the first one is good quality work for client.

5.I don’t have uncle lawyer or contacts?

This is the biggest myth which would stop you, you don’t need any uncle or contacts, you need knowledge and good relationship with client, you need friends tell them you started off independently then see how many of them become your first set of clients, do their work with quality soon you will get another set, There will be tough times in which you wont get enough work but that is a temporary phase, you don’t need contact you need communication and socialization a strong clientele will follow soon. Remember focus on first set of clients i.e your friends and relatives. For corporate clients you need socialization in social corporate circles, got to events, conferences meet new people, be active on social media have a blog. soon people will contact you and you yourself will have contacts.

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Having your own law firm is the greatest thing you will do in your life. great things comes at a price and that price is”courage.”

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