Here are the few judgements which would help you in defining forgery in a better sense, apply it in your case to determine whether allegations constitute forgery or not– This Definition was adopted in Rembert vs. State 25 Am. Rep. 639. In another case, namely, State vs. Phelps 34 Am. Dec. 672, it was laid […]

Prime Minister today at his independence day speech invited citizens to participate in accelerating manufacturing in India, But Mr. Prime Minister first is the creating an ambient environment in the country to implement your “Come Make in India” plans.   Here are the few areas which would be a hurdle for the Prime Minister’s Come […]

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Lawsuits can be an expensive affair, therefore preparing yourself well before lodging a lawsuit is essential, here are the few tips which you should consider before filing a lawsuit. 1. Documents/Witnesses- Make sure you have all the requisite evidence before staking any claim in the lawsuit, which includes all the documents, A seasoned lawyer would […]

The interview of Ashok Singhal by a news channel dragged all my attentions to a very important liability. With all the charm this liability is called “Act of God.” Ashok Singhal in his interview declared the Godhra riot to be an “Act of God.” Well, now the query which pops up is whether God will […]

“THE LAST LESSON” (a chapter from my 11th standard textbook) demonstrated language as a means of freedom. I have now eventually realized how important language is. In a country like India, language indeed plays a very important role, since, it states the basis of all the states created here. It anyhow denotes the boundaries of […]

While scrolling through the pages of Current GK, I came across a bulletin, which read as, “India tops the list of first day deaths.” This implies that children in India die on the same day of their birth more than any other country in this world. This is according to the latest report published by […]

I remember a nursery rhyme, “Work while you work, Play while you work, this is the way to be happy and gay.” I guess I was 5 years of age or maybe 6 when I used to recite this rhyme. For me, when I was happy, I was gay. When my heart was filled with […]