The Domestic violence act is a very powerful act and often misused, many orders like maintenance, residence, custody,protection, compensation orders can be passed by the magistrate under the act and it is a quasi criminal procedures as adopted under the act, though act is for protection of women from domestic violence, here are the some […]

Security cheques are the cheques only like any other cheques and they create¬† same liability to discharge as if they are the ordinary cheques and attract the provisions of NI 138 when they are dishonored. What is important is to show under which circumstances the cheque was issued, and in order an offence under section […]

The concept of inherent powers under section 482 as declared in Cr.P.C in the context of the high court finds its essence in the fact that the courts are created for the purpose of doing justice in the case. The courts per se have all powers to take any and every proceeding in order to […]

Social change is soul of society transformation there were times of Benjamin Franklin, when the states man leader had a vision to see masses progress in the progressive society called America, from follower of the crown to rebel against the crown ,what did not changed was the vision of the progress of the people by […]

Divorce on grounds of cruelty has two forms one is the physical cruelty and other form is the mental cruelty, the physical cruelty is easier to prove as direct evidence is easily available, medical records, witnesses etc. But what about mental cruelty? how one can measure or see emotions like disappointment,fear, frustrations etc. which is […]