Bail not Jail Yes this is how the principle is enshrined in the constitution of India and Article 21 of the constitution of India enshrines this principle as “Right to Life”. But can we say that this principle is being followed in the courts of law and the accused persons who are languishing under trails […]

Specific Performance of Contract   The Specific Relief Act, 1963 have come with an sole objective to grant the specific reliefs in multiple ways like specific performance of contract (movable as well as immovable property)  Injunctions (permanent, temporary and mandatory). But in order the seek the relief of specific performance of the contract especially in […]

125 CrPc-How to alter the maintenance Once the order of maintenance is pronounced under 125 CrPC by the court against the husband than what is the legal recourse the poor husband has? One is to go for revision and already scope of revision is limited and it can only be exercised if some evidence is […]

125 CrPC-Scope of Revision These days many men are affected by the final order of maintenance towards their wife and are looking for best possible legal option to reduce interim/final maintenance amount or even looking for setting aside the said amount. The trial courts uses their own methodology to evaluate and measure the quantum of […]