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Quash 498a -Vague allegations in Fir

Quash 498a -Vague allegations in Fir The case of 498a can be quashed when there are vague the allegations in the FIR. A FIR is a first document on which whole [...]

Maintainence/Interim Maintainence to wife calculation Judgements

interim maintenance/maintenance to wife Here are some of the Judgments which help in assess the interim maintenance/maintenance to wife and how courts [...]

498a quash against relatives

498a quashed against relatives on false allegations 12/22/2016 Lal Babu Singh & Ors vs State Of Bihar & Anr on 7 August, 2013 Mobile View User [...]

NI 138 Quashing

Here are the few judgements for  NI 138 Quashing On deposit of cheque amount along with interest @ 18% Pa from the date of cheque till date of payment [...]

Maintenance to professionally working wife

Here are some judgments which deals  with No Maintenance to professionally working wife   If both husband and wife equally qualified "no law [...]

Solution for Data Theft

The IT firms today are playing on Big Data an they should prevent their data from data theft, from User information like E-mail Ids, passwords,credit card [...]

ALL About General Power of Attorney

What is a general power of attorney? A power of attorney is an instrument that is used by people to confer authority on somebody else to legally act on [...]

Things to check before buying a property

With the rise in the price of the property or getting a good price of the property, the unscrupulous sellers are selling their property to the multiple buyers. [...]

Acknowledgement of Debt & Limitation

Acknowledgement of Debt Section 18 of the limitation act covers acknowledgement of debt  and thus the fresh start of the limitation period. It is a tool [...]

Interim Maintenance Reduced Judgments

Interim Maintenance Reduced Judgments Here are some judgments in which the Interim Maintenance was reduced-: Mohd. Zafarullah Khan vs Yasmeen Khan And [...]
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